Five steps to teach you to choose a good replica watch

Before choosing a watch, you must first determine a rough budget, and then choose a watch with the right price according to the budget. Watch as a commodity with added value far higher than use value, the brand has a decisive influence on the price. The price of watches with similar functions and materials may vary greatly depending on the brand. Just because the brand is so important, it is very necessary to first determine the brand, at least to define the range of brand selection. For most ordinary consumers in China, the two most important points of a watch brand are grade and popularity, but the two are not necessarily positively correlated. There are low-cost popular brands such as SWATCH, which are well-known by women and children, as well as Richard Mille. A top niche brand. If you buy fake watches just for time and decoration, you only need to choose your favorite brand within your budget.

As a watch as an accessory, style selection is also very important. There is no good or bad style, only fit or inappropriate. In addition to having eye contact, the overall style of the watch must match the usual dressing and wearing occasions. Even if you like a rough and tough military watch, it will always be a sense of contradiction to match it with formal suits. In addition to the overall style, there are some small areas worth noting; if the wearer is an elderly person, the clarity of reading is very important. The larger the color difference between the dial color and the pointer scale, the better; people who usually wear watches are not very careful, It is best not to choose ultra-thin mechanical watches, because ultra-thin watches are relatively more delicate.

The movement is the soul of a mechanical watch. Compared with the ETA movement, which is commonly used by many brands, the self-produced movement independently developed, designed and manufactured by the brand can better reflect the true strength of the brand. Many mid-to-high-end brands that use ETA movements will also carry self-produced movements in their flagship series or high-priced models. The importance and value of self-produced movements can be seen. There are many criteria for evaluating the pros and cons of a movement. Generally speaking, it is certified by the astronomical observatory or in compliance with the Geneva 12 rules, with the Geneva seal, which is a sign of an excellent movement. These movements are precise in time and delicately polished and decorated. They are not only practical but also aesthetic. Of course, a movement with an imprint and certification is naturally outstanding, but it does not mean that a movement without an imprint is not a good movement. For example, many of the newly emerging German watches have excellent movement quality.

If you have high requirements for accuracy, you can consider buying a quartz watch. If you choose a mechanical watch, you must be prepared to accept the error. The Swiss Observatory standard only requires the error within -4/+6 seconds per day. Price and accuracy are also not necessarily related. replica watches priced at hundreds of thousands of yuan may not be better than watches priced at tens of thousands of yuan in accuracy. As long as the error is within the acceptable range of the individual, don't worry about accuracy too much.