2892A2 movement-well-designed, high stability-fake watches

Clocks and watches are timepieces of great artistic value. They not only have timekeeping, appreciation and value preservation, but also show personal taste and identity. Some people pursue brand awareness, while others pay attention to its complexity. The most important thing in a watch is its movement. There are many movements around the world. ETA is arguably one of the most well-known and most widely used movement brands. It has countless different levels of movement models.

Caliber 2892A2-well-designed, high stability, widely used by various brands, this movement has a high level, can be described as the ace model of ETA, it is often used in higher-level watches by well-known mid-priced brands Among them, Chronometer watches (Chronometer), and even some high-end watch brands will use it, but pay more attention to the work of polishing and carving, or replace it with K gold or pure platinum automatic plate. At the same time, the 2892 is recognized by all watchmakers as one of the most sophisticated and stable models of ETA. It is equipped with a ring-shaped balance, 21 stones, two-way automatic winding, 28,800 vibrations per hour, and an "eccentric screw fine adjuster" for easy precision Fine-tuning. Because of its good quality, it can be transformed into a well-designed movement with just a little bit of addition. Even the recently replica watches popular OMEGA coaxial escapement watch is a movement that the factory has improved to 1120 based on 2892 and then modified it. In addition to the difference in the escapement system, the speed is adjusted by two weight screws on the inside of the balance wheel. The number of OMEGA is 2500. The number of rubies has also been increased from 23 in 1120 to 27, and 4 more are installed respectively. Horse, balance wheel and transmission wheel (2 pieces). And like Ulyssen Watch (ULYSSENARDIN) timepiece trilogy set astronomical watch also uses 2892 as the basic movement, become ultra-small and complicated astronomical watch, can be called Ulysse watch's greatest masterpiece.

ETA7750 movement-throughout the history of ETA, good cores continue. ETA7750 is another proud model. Its predecessor is Valjoux 7750; Valjoux is a well-known movement manufacturer, especially famous for its complex chronograph movement. ROLEX hand-winding Daytona is equipped with its 72-type movement, which has become a hot watch today. Valjoux 7750 was published in 1974. At first, it only had a design of 17 stones, and then it was changed to 25 stones. After being acquired by ETA in the 1980s, few people now use the term Valjoux unless it was produced before the acquisition in the 1980s. Those movements still use the old name. ETA 7750 came out on July 1, 1974 and has become ETA's proud model. Over the years, it has been common in various brands of automatic chronographs and complication watches. The standard 7750 is equipped with 17 rubies, 42 hours replcia Rolex of energy storage, 28,800 vibrations per hour, a single upward chain design, pointer-type fine-tuning device with the same principle as an eccentric screw, and scale indication to facilitate fine-tuning operation.