Why do mechanical replica watches need to be washed and maintained?

During the use of Breguet watches, the lubricating oil on the various parts of the movement will gradually evaporate and dry over time. The friction between the gears will produce some metal debris, which will increase the resistance during rotation. At the same time, No matter how tight the replica watches, the bumps in daily life will still cause some fine dust and water vapor to invade into the movement from the gaps in the case, forming dirt over time. Therefore, after the watch has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to disassemble and assemble the movement parts for cleaning and lubrication.

Oil washing and maintenance of watches is a very important after-sales work, generally 2-5 years, Rolex needs 5-7 years to wash oil once. In addition, while checking the movement failure, adjusting and repairing parts, it is necessary to wash the oil of the watch movement when problems are found. Because the movement will generate impurities and dust into the sealed movement after repair, it is very necessary Carry out the oil washing procedure. The purpose of washing oil is to keep the watch parts clean and the necessary lubrication of the machine parts, so as to ensure the precision of the watch parts, improve the timing accuracy of Breguet watches and extend the service life of Breguet watches.

1. The lubricating oil on the movement parts is dry or sticky. This will increase the resistance of movement parts and make the movement inaccurate; 2. Excessive lubricating oil in the movement will cause the movement to overflow and pollute the parts of the movement, especially the escapement speed regulating mechanism and balance wheel, which will affect the watch's time; 3. There are foreign objects in the movement, such as dust particles, metal shavings, fabrics, fingerprints and sweat stains, etc., which will affect the service life and stability of the movement; 4. The movement has rusty spots, moisture or water vapor has corroded the watch before, and metal parts will produce rust spots and metal fatigue. If it is not cleaned in time, it will become more and more serious, which is a fatal threat to the metal parts of the movement.

In fact, after the oil washing work is completed, the oiling work will test the technician’s technical experience even more. After the lubricating oil on the movement is cleaned, it is necessary to instill new oil in replica watches uk every place where lubricating oil is needed. This work is particularly important. Otherwise it will cause serious damage to the watch.